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Garena Free Fire Characters + Amazing HD Wallpaper!


Best Garena Free Fire Wallpapers in your Chrome Browser

Cool Garena Free Fire wallpapers for a unique and fresh browsing experience

Garena Free Fire is a battle royale mobile game, develop by 111dots Studio and published by Garena. The game got an open beta in November 2017 and was officially release for Android and iOS on December 4, 2017.

Garena Free Fire HD Wallpaper

Free Fire is a survival, third-person shooter game in the form of battle royale. 50 players parachute onto a remote island, where there can only be one winner – the last man/team standing. Players freely choose starting position, grab weapons and supplies to boost their chances of survival in the battlegrounds. The battleground shrinks as time goes on, forcing players to engage each other in a tactical and diverse environment.


1.Ford –  was an ordinary man from the navy. Even an ordinary man has his own secrets, as Ford was no exception.

2.Olivia – was a nurse. Nursing and caring for those around her brings her happiness. No matter who, friend or foe, she always gives her all in taking care of her patients.

3.Andrew – was a police officer. With his strong sense of justice, he spent most of his time chasing criminals. His singlet was his lucky charm, he had already lost count of the number of fights he survive wearing it.

4.Kelly –  She is also known as Shimada Kiriko. Kelly is a high-school sprinter. She loves to run, and can always be seen on the track. Running forward is build into her mind and body. No matter the obstacle, she will always push forward.

5.Nikita – is a professional bodyguard. Her most important assignment is to protect and escort Caroline, the daughter of the chairman of the Free Fire’s organization. Growing up, Nikita was a air rifle marksman in school, which help hone her agility and keen senses.


6.Eve –  is the female standard character of the game and it has been in the game since the early beta version. She doesn’t have any specific ability or memories of her own. Her skin color can be change at the player’s preferences. Eve also doesn’t have unique outfits.

7.Adam – is the male standard character of the game and it has been in the game since the early beta version. He doesn’t have any specific ability or memories of his own. His skin color can be change at the player’s preferences. Adam also doesn’t have unique outfits.

8.Maxim – Maxim loves to livestream while he eats. With a humongous appetite, he never says no to food. He has won several speed eating competitions, even if he goes against people who are much bigger than him. Born with a very cheerful disposition, Maxim is very well-liked by the people around him.


Garena Free Fire Home Wallpaper

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Garena Free Fire Settings Wallpaper

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Garena Free Fire Games Wallpaper

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Garena Free Fire 4K Background

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