5. Kante wanted to become an accountant if he didn’t play football

He said that if he would not have made it in big in football, he would have become an accountant. “When I was 18, I got my baccalaureate. And after that, I did two more years of study in accountancy. I wasn’t professional, so I kept studying because I wasn’t sure if I would be able to make a living as a footballer. But when I went up to the first team, I became professional, so I stopped studying.”

4. Kante prefers driving a second-hand Mini Cooper over all his luxurious cars

The Car collection of N’Golo Kante is not quite large. He owns some cars like Mercedes Benz, Range Rover, Aston Martin, BMW i8s, Mini Cooper S, and Jaguar. He still drives the second-hand Mini Cooper.

“When I was young I didn’t have the ambition of a car or something like that,” said N’Golo. “But my Mini, for the beginning, was good to learn to drive on the left. I got it in Leicester. And I still have it now. But it’s good.”

3. He is often too shy to express what he wants

He might be the monster on the pitch, but everyone knows how shy and quiet the French talisman is. Kante was “too shy” to ask to hold the World Cup after France’s 4-2 final victory so Steven N’Zonzi had to step in to help him.


2. He does not have a girlfriend

It seems he is not a married man and neither he had a wife in his life. Currently, focussing on football career goal is everything for Kante.

1. Kante comes from a very humble family

N’Golo’s calmness comes from his humble family. Despite their son winning a World Cup crown, N’Golo’s family keep it simple.