When NYC Subway banned dogs, and generally animals, the rules were pretty clear – No person is allowed to bring any animal on or into any conveyance or facility unless the animal is enclosed in a container. This rule seeks to prevent riots and problems that animals in the subway create. However, no one said anything about the size of the animal – so the owners turned it to their advantage in very creative ways.

We prepared 11 most hilarious photos of owners and their dogs packed up in all sorts of bags and pouches.


1. This small Schnauzer fits into a canvas shopping bag. Adorable.

2. This little one is just sitting here waiting for the ride to end so he can get back to running around and tail wagging.

3. The amount of confusion on this face…

4. Now this one is super cute

5. Beagle in a bag

6. This is something new..

7. Just another person on their morning commute

8. Can we take a moment just to appreciate this

9. Merged with the environment

10. Big bag for a big guy

11. You can tell this is his first time riding in NYC Subway