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Zed is one of the trickiest outplay designation champions in the game. His shadows give him a massive amount of mobility, and his perfect invulnerability via his ultimate allows him to avoid otherwise devastating ultimates like Malphite or Sejuani. When you combine this with his massive single target and potential AOE damage output, it’s no wonder he’s one of the most banned champions in the game.

Zed LOL Backgrounds
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Zed LOL Facts



– High mobility

– Massive AOE Damage Spikes

– No Mana Costs

– Huge Spell Dodging Potential

– Difficult to Avoid

Zed LOL Images
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– Needs Damage Stacking After Ult

– Low Poke Range

– “Predictable” Gameplay

– Slow damage proc

Zed LOL Pics

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