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For fans of Monster Hunter and God Eater, Phoenix Labs’ Dauntless should be on your radar. As a Slayer, players will enter an online co-op setting and fight for humanity. The main threat that’s endangering humankind is massive beasts known as Behemoths. With your powerful weapons and armor in tow, you’ll need to rely on your skills and teammates as you vie for survival in the Shattered Isles. Thanks to Phoenix Labs’ Nick Clifford, we have a guide full of battle-ready tips that you’ll need if you want to stay alive. Those Behemoths need to be taken down before they lay waste to everyone you cherish!

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Dauntless Game Facts


Dodging is Your Friend

No matter which weapon you bring to your battles, you’ll want to pair it with a mastery of the dodge roll. Rolling away to safety can help you avoid damaging attacks, as well as granting you temporary invulnerability (aka “I-frames” magic). This means that you can dodge through attacks in addition to dodging away from them. Master this move to increase your survivability and take advantage of mobility.

Armour aka an Excuse to Look Good in Ramsgate

Each Behemoth brings with it a fierce arsenal of attacks. Embermane boasts a fiery inferno, while Pangar’s icy torrent will leave Slayers (literally) frozen to the core. To survive the hunt you’ll need to bring the right armor to protect your hide. Armour is good for raw defense yes, which you will need to survive hits, but each piece also offers other perks like elemental defenses and perks like bonus health. When crafting new gear make sure to pay attention to the stats for each piece, sometimes it may be worth it to sacrifice some defense to get that elemental resistance.

It’s Dangerous to Go Alone!

While you can play Dauntless solo, it’s an online game best enjoyed with others. If you’re having difficulty with a particular Behemoth make sure to use Dauntless’ party and matchmaker to find other like-minded Slayers. As noted above, having a good balance of weapons and damage types can make the difference in a fight.

Dauntless Images
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A Lantern to Light the Way

In addition to weapons and armor, each Slayer also has a Lantern. Each Lantern comes with two unique abilities on it taking inspiration from the Behemoth used to craft it. Want to move faster in combat and never run out of steam? The craft that Shrike Lantern. Want to protect yourself more? Skarn Lantern is the right choice for you. After you make your way past the first couple zones in Dauntless, you’ll receive a quest to visit Arkhan Drew, Ramsgate’s local Aether expert. He’ll hook you up with the goods.

Pack Your Flasks

Each island in the Shattered Isles is brimming with verdant life and flora. Slayers with a keen eye will make sure to pick up these herbs, flowers, and mushrooms while they track their quarry to use back in Ramsgate. The Bosun has a variety of recipes that you can put to good use, with the right ingredients. Your health flask will recharge after every hunt, so don’t worry about refilling it, but more powerful potions such as the Frenzy Tonic, Bulwark Tonic, and Lifespring Pylon will require specific ingredients to craft. Your three consumable slots are all interchangeable, so mix and match the best combination for your hunt.

Exotic Gear

Taking down the baddest of Behemoths wouldn’t be complete without the rewards to show it. Inside of the Maelstrom are rare and difficult to acquire Exotic pieces of gear. To unlock them you will need to complete a special requirement for each fight for a chance to unlock it. But all the effort is worth it as these exotics come with potent abilities resurrect your Slayer as an all-powerful shadow of your Slayer when you get KO’d, fire a laser that will melt your opposition from your War Pike, and more.

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