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Kanye West Is Collaborating With Adidas

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Best Adidas Yeezy Kanye West Wallpapers in your Chrome Browser

Adidas Yeezy Kanye West wallpapers for a unique and fresh browsing experience

Adidas Yeezy is a collaboration between German sportswear brand Adidas and American rapper Kanye West. So the Adidas Yeezy 750 Boost “Grey” was the first sneaker to release from this collaboration on February 23, 2015. And the second shoe to release was the Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 “Turtle Dove”. “Yeezy Season 1” was the first apparel collection to release from this collaboration. So it was officially release on October 29th, 2015. The Adidas Yeezy 950 Boot was also part of this collection and it was release in four different colorways. But the name “Boost” refers to a material use by Adidas.

Adidas Yeezy Kanye West HD Wallpaper

Kanye West originally design a shoe for Adidas in 2006, but it was never release. So the first brand to officially collaborate with Kanye West and have a shoe line was Bape. Together, West and Bape release a pair of Bapesta “College Dropout” shoes. But he has also design shoes for Louis Vuitton and Nike. So his collaboration with Nike last for five years and a total of three (two silhouettes, Yeezy 1 and the Yeezy 2) sneaker styles were release. And in 2013, after the release of the “Red October” Air Yeezy 2s, Kanye West officially left Nike. So Kanye West want Nike to grant him royalties, but they deny his request.

Kanye West reach out to Adidas and they agree to give him royalties. In February 2015, a year and three months after the confirmation of the Adidas and Kanye West collaboration, the collaboration officially debute. “Yeezy Season 1” was highly anticipate and celebrities such as Rihanna, Diddy, and Kim Kardashian were at the showing. Relatedly, “Yeezy Season 2” and “Yeezy Season 3” has seen notable amounts of success.

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“Yeezy Season 1” officially released on October 29, 2015. This collection was noted for its strip down, ready-to-wear style, which drew on military clothing and flesh-toned colors. The prices rang from $600 for sweatpants to $3,000 for jackets. Although, the footwear sold out quickly, the apparel collection did not. West reveale in a 2018 interview that he was in talks with Louis Vuitton for a $30 million apparel deal. The deal was not approved by the LVMH board and West was left with no clothing partners. After the “Yeezy Season 1” show, Adidas announced they would no longer be a part of Yeezy apparel. Instead, they will only be collaborating on footwear. With Yeezy Season 6, we are introduced to several articles of clothing with adidas branding.

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