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Because 2016 wasn’t weird, horrible, and stressful enough, God (Fate, Odin, whomever or whatever you believe in) decide to add clowns randomly all across the US and the UK, just to see if we’re paying attention. And no, we aren’t even counting the clowns in the US election; that’s a different horrible stressful thing. So if you have no idea what’s up with all the clowns, well, the honest truth is that no one else does either, but here are 5 Creepy Clown Crime Facts You’ll Want To Know to give us all some idea of what’s going on.

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5 Creepy CLown Crime Facts

1. So the good news is, the creepy clown weirdness has probably already reach it’s peak and is almost over, after several arrests and generally having everyone feel uncomfortable looking into the woods for a bit.

2. But there were many rumors of a clown driven purge-type situation before Halloween. This warning – “WARNING clowns are allegedly planning their own purge the night before Halloween. Stay inside, keep all pets inside and keep all doors and windows lock. Share this post with your family and friends!” was post on a Facebook page title “Clown Hunters.” Thus the rumor start and the flames were fan. (Just to clarify, no Clown Purge happen.)


3. Also, many schools, public places, festivals, and Halloween theme events ban clown costumes and scary clown costumes for Halloween because they weren’t able to be sure the people dress up as scary clowns were trying to be creepy and scare people for Halloween, or if the people dress up as scary clowns were using Halloween as an excuse to be creepy and scare people.

4. In Kemper County, Mississippi, a special county ordnance forbade dressing like a clown through November 1st, keeping the clowns at bay through Halloween. So the punishment for dressing like a clown was a $150 fine, and the Sheriffs state they would be upholding the ordnance.

5. Batman will save us! In the UK, in a city call Cumbria, a man dress as Batman has been patrolling the streets so that children know there is nothing to fear, and they are safe to go about and play. But there have been over 100 clown sightings report in the UK. Let’s just all be the Batman somebody needs to feel safe today, okay kids?

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