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In the movie X-Men: The Last Stand, it is revealed that Jean is a “Class 5” mutant, arguably making her the most powerful mutant in existence. In this film, Jean appears as the Phoenix/Dark Phoenix. When using her Phoenix powers, Jean’s appearance changes considerably: her skin becomes pale, dark and veiny, her eyes turn black (although fire can be seen in her irises at certain points in the film), and the color of her hair changes from its natural dark red to a bright, almost fire-like, reddish-orange. As a child, Xavier put psychic blocks around Jean’s subconscious mind to keep her immense powers at bay. As a result, Jean developed a split personality called “The Phoenix.”

Amazing Dark Phoenix Wallpapers

Dark Phoenix emerges from the lake where Jean had died and apparently kills Scott Summers. During a confrontation with Professor X at Jean’s childhood home, Dark Phoenix lashes out and lifts Xavier out of his wheelchair with her telekinesis and horrifically atomizes him, destroying the house in the process (caused when her outburst of power causes everything in the house that’s not nailed to the floor to crash up onto the ceiling, and then causes the entire house to float up in midair).

Amazing Dark Phoenix Wallpapers

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Amazing Dark Phoenix Wallpapers


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Amazing Dark Phoenix Wallpapers



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