Top 10 Fan Facts about Pink Panther

1. The composer of the famous theme tune was Oscar winner Henry Mancini.

2. The first animated film in the series was produced in 1963.

3. Originally the series featured a French detective, Jacque Clouseau. The “Pink Panther” was not an animal but a diamond that had a flaw in the center. When viewed closely, it resembled a pink panther.

4.  The pink animated panther created was created by Friz Freleng and David DePatie and originally only appeared in the opening and closing credits of each show.

5. Pink Panther became its own cartoon show in the 1970s. The Pink Phink was released by United Artists and won an Academy Award.

The Pink Panther Wallpaper Pink Panther Theme 

6. Pink Panther films had leading Hollywood stars including Peter Sellers, Alan Arkin, Ted Wass, Roberto Benigni, and Steve Martin.


7. In the Pink Panther movie (2006), Mike Myers and Kevin Spacey were also considered for the role of Inspector Clouseau but Steve Martin took the role.

8. Post Cereal co-sponsored The Pink Panther television show in 1972 and created Pink Panther Flakes with the sweet pink-colored flakes turning milk the same color.

9. I the 1963 comedy film the slogan was “A Madcap Frolic of Crime and Fun. You only live once, so see The Pink Panther Twice!” and starred David Niven, Peter Sellers, Robert Wagner, and Capucine.

10. Inspector Clouseau’s exaggerated French accent by Peter Sellers was so extreme that even French people couldn’t understand what he was saying. But everyone loved his clumsiness and his ability to solve cases. His character in the cartoon television series for kids aired from 1969 to 1976.

  The Pink Panther Wallpaper Pink Panther Theme