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Summoners War: Sky Arena, is a mobile turn-based strategy massively multiplayer online game created by South Korean game developer, Com2uS. They released the game at the Electronic Entertainment Expo on June 12, 2014, for iOS and Android devices. Summoners War has performed successfully, with over 100 million downloads worldwide, and $1.35 billion in earnings.

Summoners War Backgrounds
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Cool Facts

Fact 1 Accuracy

ACC% does NOT affect activation rate of skills;  so if a skill says “50% chance to reduce defense for 2 turns”, it’s 50% period. THEN an accuracy-resistance check will apply.

Fact 2

The glancing debuff is a 50% chance to glance and deal 30% less damage (so elemental glance is better than a glancing debuff glance).

Fact 3

Stun, Sleep and Freeze all prevent skills from getting 1 turn cooldown. But silence does not, provoke does not.

Fact 4

You can power-up runes from 1 to 3. So to go from +0 to +15 a 5* it’s generally 1M mana and a 6* it’s about 1.5 to 2M mana.

Fact 5

So, secret dungeons do not give you account EXP. You might want to spend energy there if you are about to level up and have a lot of energy. And arena wings and scenarios give the most EXP for account levels.

Fact 6 Skill-ups

  • They are randomly chosen, whether by devilmon or same monster
  • Skilling up damage and heals is multiplicative Ex: 400% multiplier, a 10% increase means 400%(1+10%) = 440%
  • Skilling up effect rate is additive Ex: 35% chance to stun, a 15% increase means 35%+15% = 50% chance to stun
Summoners War Themes
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Fact 7

All units have a chance (50%?) to glance against weak elements to deal less damage (~45-50% according to wiki) and not activate ability effects (some exceptions like Bella’s Seize and passives like Hwa’s). They also have -15% chance to crit on top of that.

Fact 8

All units get a bonus 15% crit chance against elements they are strong against and a chance (15%?) of crushing hits (30% more damage – that’s the base damage, no Crit. Generally Crit > Crushing in all cases, except perhaps Camilla)

Fact 9

Also, you can earn crystals by installing Com2Us games (go into Events => Earn game cash). So just install, log in with your Hive ID, then uninstall. Or get hooked to another game who knows.

Fact 10 QOL items

  • You can change animation speed to 3X, that’s the default play speed
  • You can remove boss animation and have a dungeon run ending buzz by tapping your portrait on the main island screen
  • You can select boss prioritization on the corner left (Crytals or boss)
  • You can tap a monster during auto (Eg: Zaiross in DB10) to focus it
  • Crit animations are unavoidable. However, if you do an AoE attack like Amp Magic, select an element you’re weak against to reduce the chance of the crit animation
Summoners War Pics

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Summoners War Pictures
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