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Ash Ketchum, known as Satoshi in Japan, is a fictional character in the Pokémon franchise own by Nintendo. He is the main protagonist of the Pokémon anime and certain manga series as well as on various merchandise relate to the franchise. In Japanese, the character is voice by Rica Matsumoto. In the English dub, he was voice by Veronica Taylorfrom 1998 to 2006. Since the ninth season of the anime series, he is voice by Sarah Natochenny for the remainder of the anime.

Pokemon Go Ash Photobomb Wallpaper
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His English name is derive from the Japanese name (as the letters ‘ash’ are included in ‘Satoshi’) and his English motto, “Gotta Catch ‘Em All”. Ash’s dream is to become a Pokémon Master. He is loosely base on Red, the player character from the Generation I games Pokémon Red, Green, Blue and Yellow as well as the Generation III games Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen versions. The character’s first official appearance in a game was in Pokémon Puzzle League. As the protagonist of the Pokémon anime, Ash has appear in all episodes of the anime, all the films and several of the television specials.

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Ash Facts

1.He’s Never Won A Pokémon League Championship

Ash’s goal is to be the very best Pokémon trainer, but he’s never actually won a competition. In the first Kanto series, Ash was hand most of his badges, making him too inexperienced to fight the harden challengers and win. When he takes on the Hoenn League, Ash manages to make it into the top eight, but loses to a hat-wearing Meowth.

2.Die Three Times

Ash is tough for a human child, but he has his limits. He has die three times during the series. In the episode “Tower of Terror,” Haunter drops a chandelier on Ash, turning him into a ghostly playmate. Ash returns to his body soon after. His most memorable death is during Pokémon: The First Movie. During a tense battle, Ash makes the ultimate sacrifice and is turn to stone. The Pokémon are incredibly sadden by the loss of their dear friend, especially Pikachu. The combine tears of the Pokémon end up bringing him back to life. Ash’s next movie death is in Lucario and the Mystery of Mew, where the trainer is engulf in the antibodies of the Tree of Beginning. He sets his Pokémon free and manages to tell them goodbye before dying. Mew eventually brought him and the other victims back to life.

3.He’s Only Been In One Pokémon Game

Ash Ketchum is the well-known protagonist of the Pokémon anime and manga series. Though Pokémon is also a popular video game series, he has only been in one installment. Fans believe that Red from the Generation I Pokémon games is Ash, but he is only loosely based off of him. The only game Ash has officially appear in is Pokémon Puzzle League for the Nintendo 64.

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4.Victim Of The Floating Timeline

In 1997, Ash started his Pokémon journey as an optimistic 10-year-old from Pallet Town. Twenty years later, he’s still a 10-year-old in a floating timeline. Though a season take places over a year and he almost turns 11, he is reset to age ten at the start of a new season.

Fans have several theories on why Ash has not aged. Some are morbid, stating he’s been in a coma and never mentally age. Another theory takes us back to the first season. Ash first sees the legendary Pokémon, Ho-Oh, in the Kanto Region. Ho-Oh’s Pokédex entry states that its feathers grant eternal happiness. Ash’s eternal happiness may be as a child in that moment.

5.Ash Has Only Caught Around 50 Pokémon

In a series known for the catchphrase “Gotta Catch ‘Em All,” Ash has not caught many Pokémon. According to the official Pokémon website, the current total number of Pokémon is 720. In the 80 or so Pokémon that Ash has add to his Pokédex since Sun and Moon, many of them were given to him, join him willingly, trade, or hatch from eggs. To Ash’s credit, he has work hard and some of his Pokémon as well.


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