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Overwatch Facts You Had NO IDEA About:


1. Overwatch Emerged From The Ashes Of “Titan”

Overwatch, the game we know and love, was born from the failure of a Blizzard project called Titan. Blizzard is well known for the Warcraft franchise and, before Overwatch. They hadn’t created an entirely new franchise in over 17 years. Project Titan was a brand new superhero MMO that Blizzard had been developing for seven years until they eventually decided to cancel it. Out of the ashes of Titan, came Overwatch. Many concepts and content were transferred from the ashes of Titan into Overwatch. As far as Heroes, we know for sure that Tracer was the only surviving hero from Titan. We also know that various maps made it into Overwatch from the corpse of Titan. Although it’s unfortunate that the world will never see the likes of Titan. We wouldn’t have Overwatch if it wasn’t for Blizzard’s sacrifice.

2.It Took Just 5 Months From Scratch To Make The Game Playable

Overwatch was in beta for quite a while and due to how successful and fun the game is, it seems extremely hard to believe, but the game was actually “playable and fun” in five months. From scratch, Blizzard was able to create Overwatch and make it playable and enjoyable in just five months. Crazy right? While it was “playable and fun,” most of the work afterward was obviously making new characters and maps, as well as other content such as game modes. While the game was playable, most likely one of the hardest parts of development had to be balancing the different heroes and making sure the game as a whole was fair. Having a roster of completely unique heroes has got to be challenging since it’s hard to tell what’s fair or not until mass amounts of people actually start testing the game.

3.Bastion Ultimate Ideas

Bastion it the “click to win” character of the game that is attributed to only “scrubs” and “trolls.” While Bastion is definitely a meme machine, he is actually extremely powerful if used properly in an applicable team composition/situation. Before the game was officially released, Bastion went through a lot of different changes. He was probably one of the most difficult heroes to properly balance. Many players complained he was overpowered at launch, not knowing how to properly counter him. Bastion used to have a shield in front of him that he could shoot through safely while in sentry mode. Blizzard apparently went through over 50 different iterations of his ultimate ability, including one where he could fly around shooting rockets through his shield. Now that’s overpowered.

Amazing Overwatch Wallpapers

4.Zarya Was The Solution To Body Diversity

Before Zarya was introduced to the Overwatch roster, the game received criticism towards the physique of their characters.  At a lecture given at NYU, the lack of diversity among the female character body was brought up as an issue. Anita Sarkeesian explained that all the female characters were skinny, long-legged and over sexualized while the male characters are more stalky, bulky and overall diversified. Whether these claims were true or not, Blizzard wanted to show that they were listening to the community and decided to create Zarya. Zarya is obviously a lot more muscular than the rest of the female characters in the game. This isn’t the first time that Blizzard listened to the community and made changes within the game, which shows their commitment to their fans.

5.Overwatch Has Stunning Animated Shorts

Overwatch is without a doubt a visually stunning game as far as the animation goes.  It has a very unique form of animation, setting itself apart from other animated shooters. Other than the animation in the game, Overwatch has some amazingly detailed and immersive animated short films. These short forms either focus on the world of Overwatch itself or a specific hero. These “spotlight” animated shorts about specific heroes not only provide us with detailed information on the backstory of said hero. But they also feature some amazing voice acting, story and, of course, animation. If you love Overwatch and haven’t watched all or any of the animated short films, they’re definitely worth the watch.


Amazing Overwatch Wallpapers

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Amazing Overwatch Wallpapers

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Amazing Overwatch Wallpapers

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Amazing Overwatch Wallpapers

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