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It’s true that Barcelona is famous for its sunny blue skies, stylish Mediterranean vibe, and quirky architecture, but did you know the city is also a cannabis smoker’s paradise? Or that is home to the biggest metropolitan park in the world?

10 interesting, yet little-known facts about Barcelona:


1. Barcelona is the only city in the world awarded a Royal Gold Medal for architecture by Royal Institute of British Architects

2. Barcelona had no beaches until the 1992 Olympics

3. It is home to the busiest pedestrian street in Spain

4. Is older than Rome

5. is one of the world’s major cities where smoking cannabis is legal

6. Is the most visited city in Spain

7. Is the biggest city on the Med

8. Gave the world the international book celebration

9.  Could have been home to the Eiffel Tower

10. Plays host to the biggest and busiest cruise port in Europe

Amazing Barcelona Wallpapers

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Catalonia and Barcelona has become one of the first tourist destination of Spain, it has everything to please the majority of visitors : with a history among the oldest in Europe, a capital, Barcelona, which never sleeps and an inland full of charm not to forget beautiful beaches in La Costa Brava. The variety of artistic treasures, the Romanesque churches and the great names in modern art and architecture , Dali, Gaudi, Miro, Picasso …

Barcelona sited between the sea and the mountains, has found a formidable balance: a foot in the traditional things and the other in the avant-garde. Barcelona has the reputation of being the most cosmopolitan, modern and avant-garde city in Spain and it has renewed for the 1992 Olympic Games.

Places you must visit:

1. Las Ramblas

2.Sagrada Família

3. Casa Batlló

4.Casa Milà

5.City Beaches


Best Barcelona Wallpapers

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Amazing Barcelona Wallpapers

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Best Barcelona Wallpapers

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Amazing Barcelona Wallpapers


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Amazing Barcelona Wallpapers


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