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Currently, there are 807 species of pokemon. Pokemon Sun and Moon marked the inception of Generation VII, which is set to continue with the upcoming Pokemon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Let’s Go, Eevee!.

Mewtwo Pokemon Backgrounds
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As mysterious as it is threatening, Mewtwo is the original strongest Pokemon in existence. Possessing the eerie mix of a deeply meditated mind with unstoppable destructive prowess, this purple, psychic, humanoid Pokemon has become a fan favorite of the franchise, having been featured in the video games, anime, and manga.

Mewtwo Pokemon Facts


Mewtwo’s Mouth

Possessing devastating psychic abilities place this Pokemon places among the brightest beings in the series. Mewtwo represents the next step in the evolutionary ladder. Due to its ability to communicate via telepathy, the Pokemon avoids needing to actively open its mouth, but the clone does own one. After all, Pokemon still need to eat!

Ultimate Battle Pokemon

Pokemon: The First Movie dedicates a great deal of time to ensuring that audiences understand that this entity is capable of destroying the world. Until this point, the anime had yet to introduce a truly evil Pokemon, so Mewtwo needed to make an impression. The clone loosens up towards the end of the story but remains incredibly dangerous.

Mewtwo Pokemon Themes
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200% Punching Power


When transformed into its Mega X evolution, the clone’s combat preferences expand to include Fighting. Adding insult to injury, Mega Mewtwo X’s attack stats put to shame anyone else in the bracket! Besides being naturally effective against more physical fighters, Phandenstein’s terrifying pokemon packs a mightier punch than the lot of them. Surely, Mewtwo must suck at something…

Mewtwo’s Weakness

Besides its predecessor’s 15 variants, Generation II introduced Dark and Steel Pokemon, who both happened to be effective against Psychic types and, by extension, Mewtwo. Immune to psychic moves Dark Pokemon seemed designed specifically to ruin Mewtwo’s day. Regardless of their affinity, most challengers end up groveling at the clone’s feet.

Mewtwo Pokemon Pics

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Mewtwo Pokemon Pictures
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