Is Chaosbane Taking All The Glory?

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Did you see the Chaosbane Trailer – pretty promising we could say:

Warhammer Fans, Diablo fans, and Games Workshop fans are pretty excited as well since many of them are big fans of Warhammer and Warhammer 40k (including the board games). Some even got into the private closed beta for Warhammer Chaosbane. There’s been some commentary and we made sure not to ruin the experience for you, but here is some heads up.

Warhammer Chaosbane gameplay priview
Warhammer Chaosbane gameplay preview

Warhammer Chaosbane is driven dungeon crawler and those who got their hands on the closed beta version are pretty satisfied with how it turned out. It is said that the left mouse button moves and uses the player’s primary attack and the right mouse uses the first skill of the player. Then, the player can assign more skills to the 1 via 4 buttons, some skills make an awesome combo, while others are just different skills followed by each other.

The Downside

The downside might be that the player plays a premade character and there is no customization. There could be benefits from this since there is no focus on various visual options and the player can start playing faster, which could be also a benefit since it is a lot easier to tell a narrative. For those who like customizing their own character and giving it a personal touch, this is bad news. Some say it follows the Diablo formula.

The way you equip weapons, armour is a lot like Diablo 3. You have a wheel with points representing the different loot. There are a multitude of items you can equip and these allow you to play in any number of styles. – source: powerup-gaming.com


Warhammer wallpaper , image source: powerup-gaming.com
Warhammer wallpaper, image source: powerup-gaming.com

Warhammer Characters

A Slayer was chosen because, as game director Jean-Georges Levieux explains, they are the most iconic flavour of dwarf in Warhammer Fantasy. The badass orange-dyed mohawks you see them sporting are a mark of shame for breaking a promise – a sin so severe, to a Warhammer dwarf, that it borders on the metaphysical. What’s a little less badass, at least from their perspective, is the permanent exile – and the custom that an oathbreaker can only regain their honour if they die in battle while trying to kill the biggest thing they can find. Some Slayers are so unsuccessful that they become Dragonslayers and even Daemonslayers before they’re finally killed – embarrassing amateurs, when it comes to dying. So desperate are they to shuffle off their hairy coil that the only protection they’ll allow themselves are tattoos. – pcgamesn.com

Character skills are active and passive. Active skills are the ones where the player needs to press the button and passive are constantly applying buffs or status changes. The skills are granted to you by your patron or by your god. The god cannot be chosen so these are just additional character skills which are both active and passive.

All the skills have an equip cost and the available points across all skills cannot be exceeded. In case you decide to equip an expensive passive, you will have fewer points to spend on the player’s active skills. This makes players think about how the skills can synergies and focus on the best that they can get out of the attacks they perform.

The Characters: Konrad has skills which go along with him being a sword and shield character. Shield Charge helps you cover ground which is slowing down enemies and The Banner of the Empire gives a buff to all the players in range. What is interesting is that all these have visual effects which tie to Konrad and they surely come across as powerful and effective.

Highlight Comment

The overall quality of visuals is stunning, both in terms of the game itself and special effects the go off when you use a skill. The in-game music didn’t grab me. It’s not that it wasn’t good, it’s just not memorable at this stage.


I’ll be jumping back into the closed beta to further my time in the Nuln sewers. After busting out another good session during the rest of the beta I can’t wait to see where Eko Software takes the world it has created.


You can pre-order the Warhammer Chaosbane game here.

If you can’t wait until June, make sure to follow this pre-order Warhammer offer. Let us know what you think when you get the game.

Here is a Developer Commentary from Chaosbane, and this gets us pretty excited as well.


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