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Phineas and Ferb were probably one of the last great animated series produced for Disney television. What it lacked in the animation department, it more than made up for with witty writing, charming characters, and impossibly absurd scenarios. It’s no wonder it became one of Disney’s most popular and long-running cartoon franchises.

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Starring the wise-cracking, inventive kid genius Phineas, and his equally precocious step-brother Ferb, the show followed a seemingly endless summer vacation. During this time, the duo would invariably embark on a series of wacky events that would coincide with the secret agent exploits of their pet, Perry the Platypus, and  Dr. Doofenshmirtz.

Things You Never Noticed In Phineas And Ferb

Moulin Rouge

Despite the romantic chemistry between Phineas and Isabella, the show takes its sweet time developing their relationship. Considering they can’t be much older than ten years old, it seems appropriate for a Disney show.

Although the special “Act Your Age” sees the pair eventually start dating, an earlier extended episode “Summer Belongs to You” sees Phineas and Isabella enjoy a romantic getaway in Paris.

Frustrated by Phineas devoting all of his attention to the repair of their airplane, Isabella sings “City of Love”.

He clearly has eyes for something other than transportation however, as an artist’s depiction of Isabella also shows Phineas transfixed by the iconic red windmill of France’s most famous adult district. Cut back and Phineas is still peeking!

Moss Trip

In the very same episode, Perry the Platypus almost has his cover blown by Candace. After touching patches of orange moss, explained by her grandma as having powerful hallucinogenic properties, she becomes delirious. This leads to her to getting lost in the forest before catching up to Perry’s espionage adventure.

Covered in slimy, green plants, Candace becomes instrumental in the defeat of Doofenshmirtz’s evil plan.

At the end of the episode, her grandmother explains that it’s actually the blue moss that causes hallucinations, and Candace must have been experiencing a placebo effect. Of course, the episode ends with Candace immediately touching some blue moss.

Phineas And Ferb Themes
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Beyond the wacky adventures and action-packed espionage of Perry the Platypus, the show is perhaps best known for its songs. Only a handful of episodes go by without a tune, and some episodes have as many as three or four! The musical episode “Dude, We’re Getting the Band Back Together”, contains a grand total of five songs.

I Feel Like Number Two

One of the series’ most iconic episodes, “Toy to the World”, featured Phineas and Ferb taking a jab at the fickle nature of trends in the American toy industry. Rather than constructing a huge contraption, for a change the brothers kept it small, casually taking over the country with their “inaction figure,” a wooden block modeled after their pet platypus Perry.

Unfortunately for Candace, she had just bagged a part-time job working for the Har D Har Toy Company. Candace is less than pleased when she is forced to advertise the inaction figure dressed in a ridiculous Perry costume. Though her boss insists she looks like number one, she can’t help but feel like “number two.”

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