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Colors play a huge role in the way we perceive the world. Without even realizing it, colors have the ability to evoke emotions and trigger certain reactions. Colors can even go as far as subliminally communicating an idea or brand message. Who can escape the light blue of a Tiffany & Co. box, the multicolored Google logo, or Coca-Cola’s signature red? When artists, advertisers, and designers create, they choose their colors wisely because they know how much weight such hues carry. In order to build the perfect compositions, a lot of them use the basic knowledge of color theory.

Color Art Backgrounds
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A Color is a powerful tool. Many good artists and designers recognize it’s power and use it to manipulate to their benefit. Recently, I have been researching color in general and have uncovered some interesting facts about color. Use this information wisely, as it will allow you the ability to subtly manipulate your audience.

Some Interesting Facts About Color

Color Can Affect You Physically

Did you know that the color in a drawing, painting, or object can affect the way you feel about it? In fact, simply the color of an object can affect your mood and feeling. There is actually research that suggests that the light of colors can affect the center of emotions found in the hypothalamus. This region of the brain, in turn, affects the pituitary gland, which controls the endocrine system. The endocrine system, in turn, controls the thyroid and sex glands, which control hormone levels. Hormone levels control mood and emotion. It may be a long trip, but color does physically affect our body through our mood and emotion.

It Can Affect You Psychologically (Although it’s Hard to Prove)

I think that all of us can agree that color does affect our psyche. It is quite hard to prove this, however, if you are the scientific type. Despite this, there have been several attempts over the years to prove the connection between color and psychology. Neuropsychologist, Kurt Goldstein experimented with the effects of color on one’s psyche in the 1930s. These experiments yielded some interesting results on how color affects us. For example, the experiments showed that objects seen in red light appear bigger or heavier. In contrast, in the opposite color, green objects appeared smaller and lighter.

Color Art Themes
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Color Impact Facts

A factory in the United States changed the color of the bathrooms to an unpleasant green and saw production increase by 8%.

The color yellow can cause nausea, so no yellow in airplanes.

Black boxes seemed heavier to workmen than green boxes filled with the same material.

Red can make you hungry, while the opposite color, green, suppresses it.

The color red can also increase your muscle reaction, make you want to gamble more, and raise your blood pressure. Blue has the opposite effect.

Blue street lighting resulted in lower crime rates in Glasgow in 2000. It conveys trust and reliability.

There is a theory that green color increase concentration.

Color Art Pics

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Color Art Pics 2

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Color Art Pictures
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