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Parkour is more than a fitness or health program, and it has origins that have ties to the military. It’s classified as an extreme sport called free running and requires participants to avoid and overcome obstacles using nothing other than their own body and physical capabilities. Always ask your doctor if starting a new exercise regimen is safe for you and get all the facts about parkour before embarking on the fitness activity.

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Parkour – Facts



Writers on parkour trace its origins to the physical education and training methods developed beginning in the years before World War I by Georges H bert. The regimen involved training in running, jumping, climbing, balancing, swimming, and defending and the use of obstacle courses. Later, during the 1940s and ’50s, Raymond Belle received instruction on H bert’s methods while in the military. He was extremely athletic and with his amazing ability to safely and quickly move along ledges, to scale buildings without using a ladder, and to leap between building rooftops. His son David Belle is generally credited as being the father of parkour.

David trained with his father, and he and a group of friends began practicing parkour on their own, adding their own challenges and movements and calling themselves the Yamakasi. By the late 1990s the Yamakasi were giving public performances. Foucan introduced the movement in Britain, better known as freerunning.

Practice Makes Perfect

Practicing parkour requires a participant, called a traceur, to see obstacles and overcome them as quickly as possible using only her body and no other tools, according to the Pacific Northwest Parkour Association. The most common movements in the practice of parkour include running, sprinting, jumping and climbing over, under and around the obstacles. As a participant practices parkour, she will increase her speed, flexibility, stamina and endurance. Many traceurs practice alone, as part of a class or with a one-on-one personal trainer. The method you choose depends on your ability level and how serious you are about improving your parkour skills.

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Safety Stats

Because parkour requires such extreme movements, safety is a key element of the practice. If you’re interested in starting this type of exercise program, don’t simply start free running, jumping over things that get in your way; this is a good way to get hurt. Instead, take a few classes to learn the ins and outs of the program and to protect yourself from serious injury.

More You Need to Know

Parkour might seem like a sport for daredevils, particularly if all you know about the sport is what you’ve seen on television, such as people jumping from roof to roof. Taking a beginners class will teach these movements, and this is highly recommended, according to the Pacific Northwest Parkour Association.

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