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Super Bomberman  is the first video game in the Bomberman series release for the Super NES, release in 1993. It is also the first four-player game to be release on the Super NES and the first game in the series to be release in Europe keeping the Bomberman title instead of being call Dynablaster.

Super Bomberman Wallpaper
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The game takes place on a single non-scrolling screen. The screen shows the top down view of a grid of 143 (13 x 11) squares. The grid restricts the movement of characters so they can only move horizontally or vertically around the screen. Pressing a button will make Bomberman drop a bomb at his feet. This bomb will pulse for a few seconds (allowing the player time to run away) and then explode, shooting flames horizontally and vertically. The game revolves around the idea of using these bomb blasts to destroy walls and enemies.

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Super Bomberman Facts


Toshiyuki Takahashi, one of the creators behind Bomberman’s success (and a famously fast button-masher), told Retro Gamer, “Bomberman is base on the game known as Bakudan Otoko, and which was develope for the Sharp X-1. One of our programmers, Mr. Tanaka, create this game in which the main character—a man with a bowler hat—wipe out balloon-shaped ghosts. So the main character use ticking time bombs to destroy enemy characters, just Bomberman.”


Six years before Bomberman stormed U.S. shores via Nintendo Entertainment System in 1989, the earliest version of the game was launch for a variety of popular computer systems. In Bomberman’s home country of Japan, Bakudan Otoko featured the character’s earliest manifestation, while in the U.K. players blasted their way to the surface in Eric and the Floaters. Spanish gamers did the same with Don Pepe y Los Globos.

Super Bomberman HD
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According to the manual  for the NES Bomberman port, the title character is a robot engage in the production of bombs. So like his fellow robots, he is put to work in an underground compound by evil forces. Bomberman found it to be an unbearably dreary existence. But one day, he hear an encouraging rumor. And according to the rumor, any robot that could escape the underground compound and make it to the surface could become human. Bomberman leaped at the opportunity, but escape proved to be no small task.

After a U.S. player beats the game’s 50th level, Bomberman is indeed rewarded by being turned into a human.


At the end of the Japanese NES game, Bomberman turns into a human character named Runner, better known to gamers as the hero of Lode Runner, a title that Bomberman production company Hudson Soft port for the NES. The implication of this transformation, according to many gamers, is that Bomberman serves as a prequel to and “origin story” for Lode Runner (though Bomberman’s character saga continues with his own franchise, too).

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