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Crash Bandicoot is a franchise of platform video games. So the series was create by Andy Gavin and Jason Rubin during their tenure at Naughty Dog for Universal Interactive Studios and Sony Computer Entertainment. And the series was originally exclusive to the PlayStation family of video game consoles. But the series has appear on multiple platforms and gone through various developers and spans numerous genres.

Crash Bandicoot Wallpaper
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So the games are mostly set on the fictitious Wumpa Islands, an archipelago situate to the south of Australia where humans and anthropomorphic animals co-exist, although other locations are common. And the main games in the series are largely platformers, but several are spin-offs in different genres. So the protagonist of the series is an anthropomorphic bandicoot name Crash, whose quiet life on the Wumpa Islands is often interrupt by the games’ main antagonist, Doctor Neo Cortex, who create Crash and wants him dead. But in most games, Crash must defeat Cortex and foil his plans for world domination.

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Facts About Crash Bandicoot 

1. Willy The Wombat

So Crash didn’t start life off as a bandicoot. Although, the character was a toss up between a wombat, a bandicoot, and a potoroo in an attempt for Naughty Dog to do for marsupials what Sega’s Sonic have done for hedgehogs. And Willy The Wombat was their first idea, but was quickly abandon for being too dorky. So Naughty Dog settle on Crash Bandicoot, even after Universal suggest names like Wuzzle the Wombat or Ozzie the Otsel and the team threaten to leave the project. Thank whomever for small miracles.

2. The soundtrack was originally call the “Urban Chaotic Symphony”

So the game’s iconic score almost didn’t see the light of day. Originally, it was suggest that the so-call Urban Chaotic Symphony – a collection of noises including car horns, random animal chirps, and farts – be use instead. The soundtrack we know and love wasn’t far behind.

3. Dynamic difficulty settings

Have you ever die one too many times and then notice that the game starts to go easy on you? Extra lives; more items; less frustrating enemies? You can thank Crash for spearheading what’s known as dynamic difficulty settings. So even if you’re too big to ask for help, the game’s got you cover.

Crash Bandicoot HD
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4. Stormy Ascent

The first Crash game can be pretty difficult in spots, but the hardest part was taken out of the original game for being too extreme. Stormy Ascent is a windy tower climb that Naughty Dog felt would be too hard but left bury in the code of the disc.

5. Animated cutscenes

Ever get the feeling that the Crash series could’ve been a Saturday morning cartoon? Turns out cartoons were originally in the cards. The first game was suppose to have cel-shade animate cutscenes complete with a theme song, but Sony was insistent about pushing the 3D aspects of the game, so the idea was abandon. Proucer Dave Siller upload the finish cutscene to YouTube back in 2015, which you can watch above and wonder how Crash never got his own box of cereal.

6. Sonic’s Ass Game

Sonic the Hedgehog had a big influence on Crash’s development, so much so that co-creator Andy Gavin said the team started by imagining what a 3D Sonic game would look like. “Well, we thought, you’d spend a lot of time looking at “Sonic’s Ass,” he told IGN. Because of this, the game was originally call “Sonic’s Ass Game” and inspire them to make a more distinctive design for Crash and even incorporate levels where he’s running toward the screen.

Crash Bandicoot Home

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