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NHL 19 is an ice hockey simulation video game developed by EA Vancouver and published by EA Sports. So it was released on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on September 14, 2018. But it is the 28th installment in the NHL video game series and features Nashville Predators defenceman P.K. Subban on the cover, so while the ‘Ultimate’ and ‘Legends’ game editions cover art features Wayne Gretzky from Edmonton Oilers. And the Finnish and Swedish exclusive covers feature Patrik Laine from Winnipeg Jets and William Nylander from Toronto Maple Leafs

NHL 19 PS4 Wallpaper
source: easports.com

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Also, NHL 19 included new game modes that allowed players to play on outdoor rinks, online and offline. So with new gameplay technology, EA Sports also announced that skating had more acceleration, action, speed, and responsiveness than in previous installments. But NHL 19’s new feature “World of Chel” allows the player to explore various modes while maintaining the player’s character progression. So in the mode “Ones,” players face-off in a 1 v 1 v 1 game setting on a frozen pond. Also, capturing the action in a more realistic environment. But a leveling system was also introduced in “World of Chel” which increases the players level while playing and unlocking boxes to gain more loot for their characters, World of Chel also has no microtransactions.

Fascinating Facts About NHL 19 PS4

1. World of CHEL.

A new mode in NHL® 19, this introduces a unified progression and customization system for your create-a-character.

2. Explosive Edge Skating

Combined with Real Player Motion Technology, get ready for all your skating to be better, from how you control and accelerate to how you go up and down the ice.

3. Collision Physics

Hit like P.K. Subban with the power of Collision Physics at your fingertips. Boom!

4. Franchise Mode

Getting a refresh in NHL® 19, Franchise Mode is now totally immersive thanks to brand-new scouting mechanics.

5. Amazing Customization

So there are over 900 custom items to style your character and express yourself in-game. Adding flare to your character in NHL® 19 is hockey life.

source: origin.com


So jump in and play in a fun, fast-paced 1V1V1 free-for-all.



And you can practice in secret offline through EA SPORTS NHL Pro-Am. So it’s the perfect spot to work on your moves, by playing against combinations of fantasy teams, before heading into online competition.

8. Threes Drop-in

An arcade-inspired mode, Threes Drop-in is awesome three-on-three hockey action full of cooperative competition and new in NHL 19!

9. EASHL is Back

And a fan-favorite online team mode, EA SPORTS™ Hockey League (EASHL) is in NHL 19. So it lets you choose personalized player classes in a highly-competitive hockey community. But it’s an essential part of the World of CHEL.

10. Post-Beta Updates

But this one is all thanks to you, our wonderful community. With your feedback after the NHL 19 Open Beta , we’ve made gameplay, presentation, and World of CHEL updates that make NHL 19 even better.

11. Updates to HUT

And be sure to get into the details of all our HUT changes in NHL 19 — they’re pretty solid, especially with the Legends and Alumni line-up.

12. Loan Items

And add specific players through Loan Items for a limited time, test them out, see how they fit on your squad, and decide if you’d like them as you build your ultimate fantasy hockey team.

NHL 19 PS4 Home

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NHL 19 PS4 Background
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NHL 19 PS4 4K
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