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Hill Climb Racing is a 2D physics based driving game by Fingersoft. It was released on Google Play and for devices using Apple’s iOS in 2012. During its first year of release it was downloaded over 100 million times. Combined with its sequel, Hill Climb Racing 2, the entire franchise surpassed 1 billion downloads in April 2018.

Hill Climb Racing HD Wallpaper
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The object of the game is to collect coins while driving through racing stages. Driving consumes gas or battery for electric powered vehicles (even if you’re not moving), which players can replenish by picking up gas canisters or batteries along the way. The player can “die” in various ways, such as if they run out of gas or hit the avatar’s head on the ground or ceiling (in levels such as Cave).

Coins may also be earned by performing “tricks”, difficult maneuvers in the air, or by reaching set distances during given stages. Coins may be spent on upgrades, or to unlock new stages and vehicles. Different stages have different attributes, such as different gravity, traction, terrain (elevation) or obstacles that will slow the player down.

Hill Climb Racing Facts

Above all else, try not to crash.

There are two modes in Hill Climb Racing 2: the endless “Adventure” and the multiplayer race “Cups.” In both modes, the key is to not crash—aka, don’t let your head hit the ground. In Adventure, crashing ends the entire run. In Cups, crashing will end the current race and assign you the status of “DNF” (Did Not Finish). You will be given fourth place for that race automatically and awarded no points.

Although you will occasionally have to take risks and will almost certainly end up crashing at times, you should still prioritize not crashing before coins, fuel, winning, or anything else.
The exception to this is once you cross the finish line. You can crash after the finish line without any repercussions; if you’re haphazardly flying into the finish line and unable to land safely after it, no worries! Enjoy the crazy crash animation as you wait for the times to populate.

Your opponents are allowed to crash.

When you’re playing Cups/race mode, your three opponents will likely crash. This does not end the race for them; it merely slows them down. Don’t assume because you saw someone crash they are out of the race; they can still continue driving and catch up to you.

Hill Climb Racing Wallpaper
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General driving tips.

You’ll need to use both the gas pedal and the brakes liberally. (The first game called them brakes, but it’s helpful to realize it’s really the “reverse” pedal. If you slam on the left pedal, you won’t stop, you’ll go backwards, but we’ll continue calling them “brakes” for continuity.) Flooring the gas without ever letting up or braking will result in you popping a wheelie and tipping over backwards. Mostly flat levels will be winnable by holding the gas and letting up / tapping the brakes when you start to tilt back. Let off the gas as you crest hills.

Really hilly stages will require you to adjust mid-air. There’s a review of the original Hill Climb Racing that compares it to Tiny Wings, and this is fairly apt when thinking about vehicle control on large hills. When in the air, you’ll want to adjust so you land parallel to the ground, and at worst, horizontal to it. If you land parallel—the hill is sloping down and your car is sloping down at the same angle—you’ll not only hit the ground without losing speed, but you’ll actually gain speed as you go down. If you land horizontal—think of a car belly flop—you’ll slow down and possibly stop, but you’ll at least stay upright.

When adjusting, you want to tap the pedal that is opposite whichever side of your vehicle is too high. So, if your front end is too high and you’re tipping backwards, you want to hit the brakes. If your back end is starting to raise above your front end, hit the gas.

Hill Climb Racing Home

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Hill Climb Racing 4K Background
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