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Wallpaper is a material use in interior decoration to decorate the interior walls of domestic and public buildings. And it is usually sale in rolls and is apply onto a wall using wallpaper paste. Wallpapers can come plain as “lining paper” (so that it can be paint or use to help cover uneven surfaces and minor wall defects thus giving a better surface), texture (such as Anaglypta). And with a regular repeating pattern design. Or much less commonly today, with a single non-repeating large design carry over a set of sheets. But the smallest rectangle that id going to be tile to form the whole pattern is known as the pattern repeat.

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Wallpaper printing techniques include surface printing, gravure printing. And silk screen-printing, rotary printing, and digital printing. Wallpaper is make in long rolls, which are hung vertically on a wall. So pattern wallpapers are design so that the pattern “repeats”. And thus pieces cut from the same roll are going to be hang next to each other so as to continue the pattern without it being easy to see where the join between two pieces occurs. But in the case of large complex patterns of images this is normally achieve by starting the second piece halfway into the length of the repeat. So that if the pattern going down the roll repeats after 24 inches.  And the next piece sideways is cut from the roll to begin 12 inches down the pattern from the first. The number of times the pattern repeats horizontally across a roll does not matter for this purpose. Also, a single pattern can be issue in several different colorways.

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Modern Developments

Custom wallpaper printing

So new digital inkjet printing technologies using ultraviolet (UV) cure inks are being use for custom wallpaper production. But very small runs can be made, even a single wall. And photographs or digital art are output onto blank wallpaper material. So typical installations are corporate lobbies, restaurants, athletic facilities, and home interiors. But this gives a designer the ability to give a space the exact look and feel desire.

High-tech wallpaper

So new types of wallpaper under development or entering the market in the early 21st century include wallpaper that blocks certain mobile phone and WiFi signals, in the interest of privacy. So the wallpaper is coat with a silver ink which forms crystals that block outgoing signals.

But the Spanish firm Think Big Factory has announce that they are developing a wallpaper which also serves as a computer interface, using projectors, webcams, and motion sensors for control. As of 2013, The hardware was complete but only 20 per cent of the software was finish, according to Think Big Factory.

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Seismic wallpaper

So in 2012, Scientists at the Institute of Solid Construction and Construction Material Technology at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology announce that they had develop a wallpaper that can help keep a masonry wall from failing in an earthquake. So the wallpaper uses glass fibre reinforcement in several directions and a special adhesive which forms a strong bond with the masonry when dry.

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