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Bart Simpson is a fictional character in The Simpsons. At the age of ten-twelve (the Ullman shorts – season 1) and thirteen (since season 2), he sounds like a girl, is fat, and is the oldest child of Marge and Homer Simpson. He is the brother of Lisa and Maggie. Bart is someone who does not like school. There is a picture from one episode of Bart saying “Underachiever. And proud of it”. Nancy Cartwright is the voice of Bart. He had an 8 year old love interest named Niki/Nikki. He’s a skateboarder.

He likes to ride on a skateboard and makes Prank phone calls to Moe’s Tavern to annoy the owner, Moe Szyslak.

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Also, Bart goes to Springfield Elementary along with his 8-year-old sister Lisa. Bart often gets grade Fs in school, whereas Lisa gets grades. At Springfield Elementary, Bart’s best friend is Milhouse Van Houten. Bart was in detention multiple times, and during the start of the show, he is writing things repeatedly on a blackboard as a form of punishment. He is a good pranker.

Things You Didn’t Know About Bart Simpson

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– Bart had an accident with Mr. Burns’ car. This was in the episode that was very cleverly titled, Bart gets hit by a car. This episode was also special for Lucy Marskell, a fan of the show because when it was first released in the US, her mother gave birth to her!

– When The Simpson’s went to Africa Bart was messing around with the new stuff. He came back to the family with a lip plate in but took it out when Marge told him to.

– Bart’s full name is Bartholemew Jojo Simpson.

– He had to go to court for breaking into a police car with the help of Milhouse.

– Has a credit card in the name of Santos L Halper. The number is 4123 0412 3456 7890.

– Bart was born on April the 1st.

– Once owned an elephant called Stampy. He won the animal from a prank contest on KBBL radio. He had 2 choices and the obvious answer was choice 1 but Bart went for the elephant. Because the radio station only used the elephant as a prank choice they couldn’t give Bart his prize but he won his fight against the station and got his elephant.

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– Bart stole the head of Jebediah Springfield when trying to look good in front of the bullies.

– He proved Krusty was innocent when Sideshow Bob framed him.

– Bart’s best friend is Milhouse Van Houten. Bart loves to play tricks on him and once sold his soul to him for $5 but then went through hell trying to get it back when he realized he needed it.

– One very popular fact that we see a lot of evidence for is that Bart is never worried about what grade he gets at school apart from when he almost got held behind.

– When Millhouse got a magic 8 ball everything fell apart for both of them. The ball predicted that they would not be friends at the end of the day and when Millhouse started going out with the new girl it looked like the ball was correct. Bart didn’t want them hanging out with each other so he got them separated by the new girl’s father. When Millhouse found out it was Bart who told her father they started fighting until Bart grasped the 8 ball and knocked Millhouse out with it as it smashed into pieces and out came purple gunge.

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