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Bugatti Search Tool
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Creator of Bugatti is coming from a family of artists and his father is a famous Italian furniture and jewelry designer.In the 1930, the Bugatti company got involve in the creation of planes. Bugatti 100p is the name of plane that never flew up .Louis de Monge is the designer of the plane, a Belgian engineer.

One Bugatti vehicle lost its air engine in 1939 in an explosion when it was being test in one of the locations.Because of explosion the entire area blew up .In the beginning, the front grill of the Bugatti it was made out of aluminum. But it turns out that this wasn’t a good idea for high-speed testing. Surprisingly, bird strikes are as big as an issue for this high-class vehicle as they are for airplanes.

Bugatti Facts

1. Artists

Ettore Bugatti comes from a family of artists and his father is a famous Italian furniture and jewelry designer.

2. 1939 Explosion

One Bugatti vehicle lost its air engine in 1939 in an explosion when it was being test in one of the locations. The entire area nearly blew up because of it.

3. Bugatti Planes

In the 1930s, the Bugatti company got involve in the creation of planes in the hopes to beat the Germans in the Deutsche de la Meurthe competition. Their plane model would be call the Bugatti 100p but it never flew. It was design by Louis de Monge, a Belgian engineer.

4. Bugatti Veyron

The Bugatti Veyron is one of the fastest, most powerful, most luxurious motor cars available at any price. Its specifications are out of this world including a 1200 horsepower, top speed of almost 270 miles an hour, and an average price of over two-and-a-half million dollars.

5. Very dangerous engine

When Engineers were testing the first Veyron engine in 2001, the engine produce enough heat that it nearly burn the factory building down.

6. Volkswagen claimed rights

The rights to Bugatti were snap up by Volkswagen when Ferdinand Piech, the godson the grandson of Ferdinand Porsche inventor of the other famous racing luxurious car, decide to take over…..that along with the rights to Bentley and a host of other similar vehicles. His passion was develop when several years before the creation of the Veyron he demanded that his Engineers create a vehicle that could handle 1000 horsepower. He was also told it would be impossible.

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