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An engine or motor is a machine designed to convert one form of energy into mechanical energy. Heat engines burn a fuel to create heat which is then used to do work.

Engine Wallpapers
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Internal combustion engines are heat engines that burn fuel in a combustion chamber to extract work from the pressure of expanding gases. Electric motors convert electrical energy into mechanical motion; pneumatic motors use compressed air, and clockwork motors in wind-up toys use elastic energy. In biological systems, molecular motors, like myosins in muscles, use chemical energy to create forces and eventually motion.

What is a heat engine?

Most engines convert heat energy into motion. So the heat comes from burning a fuel such as coal, gasoline, or hydrogen gas. The heat makes a gas, such as air, expand rapidly. In a piston engine, the expanding gas pushes a piston down a cylinder. So the piston moves down on the power stroke, which drives the machine. The amount of fuel an engine uses to run for a given time is FUEL CONSUMPTION.

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How does a steam engine work?

In a steam engine, fuel is burning outside the cylinder. So coal heats water in a boiler, which makes steam. So steam is fed into the cylinder, where it expands and pushes the piston. The piston pushes a rod connected to a crank to turn a wheel.

How does a jet engine work?

Air entering the front of the engine is compressed by rotating blades and fed to a combustion chamber. So jet fuel injected into the chamber mixes with the compressed air and burns at a high temperature. This makes a jet of gas shoot from the rear of the engine at such speed that it thrusts the aircraft forward.

What are the different types of turbines?

Water mills and windmills are examples of water and air turbines. So they are not heated engines because they do not rely on heat to produce motion. Gas and steam turbines are powerful heat engines the turbine blades are spun by hot gases from burning fuel, or by high-pressure steam from a boiler. So they are power to drive large ships and turn power station generators.

How can engine efficiency be improved?

The more fuel a car needs to work, the less engine-efficient it is. Scientists are developing cars that use less fuel, and therefore do not waste energy or pollute the air. So they are also making cars that use different sources of energy, such as solar panels, electric motors, or hydrogen fuel, which is pollution-free.

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