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A café racer is a lightweight, lightly powered motorcycle optimized for speed and handling rather than comfort – and for quick rides over short distances. So with bodywork and control layout recalling early-1960s Grand Prix road racing motorcycles, café racers are noted for their visual minimalism, featuring low-mounted handlebars, prominent seat cowling, and elongated fuel tank – and frequently knee-grips indented in the fuel tank.

Cafe Racer Wallpapers
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Manufacturers have noticed that there is a lot of recent consumer interest in café racers. While the original concept of a café racer was that they were owner-modified or “custom build”, manufacturers realized the market appeal of the type and produced ready-to-ride café racers. In 2004, Triumph produced a turn-key retro motorcycle with their Thruxton. And another modern cafe racer is the Ducati SportClassic, made from 2006 till 2009.

Ready-to-Ride Café racers

Cafe Racer Themes
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Triumph Thruxton (2004 – ) – Stock price: $9,799 (2015)

Another “heavyweight” champion between the modern cafe racers is the Triumph Thruxton. So we’ve set this one at the 2nd place because the fact that the bike is actually very heavy for a cafe racer: the dry weight is 214kg. Despite the fact that the 865cc parallel-twin has more power (69hp and 51Nm) than the Guzzi V7 Racer, it has also more “fat” to move.

Beautiful design, powerful engine and lots of ways to personalize it. Not only a great choice for those who just want to buy-and-ride, but it’s also a bike custom builders like to work with.

Ducati Sport1000 (2006 – 2009) – Stock price: $12,995 (2009, 1000s)

The Ducati Sport1000 is a direct inspiration of the 1973 Ducati 750 Sport with a typical one seated cafe racer look. For a stock price of $12,995 you got a lightweight bike with adjustable suspension, USD front fork, Brembo brakes, and a powerful 2 cylinder engine. So the remarkable 992cc L-twin puts out an awesome 92hp and 90Nm. Considering the weight of 179kg this thing goes like a rocket! Too bad that they’ve stopped the production of this awesome modern classic in 2009 and that there aren’t a lot of used models to find.

Royal Enfiel Continental GT (2014 -) – Stock price: approx. $8,300 (2015)

Almost 50 years after the introduction of the Royal Enfield, they’ve now got an answer to the demand for modern cafe racers: the Continental GT. So its single cylinder engine with 535cc puts out 29hp and 44Nm to move the 184kg of dry weight. Not the fastest modern cafe racer, but it’s got the looks, the sound, the ride is good and the single cylinder torque makes it a desirable bike. And at a price of $8,300, not too expensive.

Triumph Thruxton R (2016 -) – Stock price: approx. $14,500

Maybe one of the most exciting modern cafe racers out there: the 2016 Triumph Thruxton R. Not only a beautifully designed bike but also a bike with some serious performance:

The brand new liquid-cooled 1200cc (“high torque”) engine puts out a blasting 112Nm and just under 100hp. Combined with the fully adjustable Showa front USD fork, fully adjustable Ohlins rear shocks, top-notch radial brakes with Brembo monoblocs and weight just over 200kg makes this bike maybe a bit too modern…

Cafe Racer Pics

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