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The wildcat is a species complex of small cats comprising the European wildcat (Felis silvestris) and the African wildcat (F. lybica).
The former is native to Europe and the Caucasus. But the latter ranges through much of Africa, Southwest and Central Asia into India and western China. Because of its global wide range the wildcat is listed as Least Concern on the IUCN Red List since 2002. It is considered threaten by introgressive hybridisation with the domestic cat (F. catus) and potential transmission of diseases, and where both species occur in close proximity. So localize threats also include traffic and illegal persecution.

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But the wildcat shows a high degree of geographic variation. The European wildcat is strip, has long fur and a bushy tail with a round tip, and is larger than a domestic cat. And the African wildcat is faintly strip, has short sandy-gray fur, band legs, red-back ears and a tapering tail. The Asiatic wildcat (F. lybica ornata) is spot.

Also, the African wildcat is the ancestor of the domestic cat. Genetic, morphological and zooarchaeological evidence indicates that domestication of the wildcat are from approximately 7500 years BCE in the Fertile Crescent region of the Near East. The association of wildcats and humans appears to have developed along with the establishment of settlements during the Neolithic Revolution, when rodents in grain stores of early farmers attracted wildcats. Results of a phylogeographic analysis suggest to include the Chinese mountain cat as a Felis silvestris subspecies. Until 2005, 22 wildcat subspecies were recognised as valid taxa.

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As of 2005, 22 subspecies were recognize by Mammal Species of the World.
They were divide into three groups:

– Forest wildcats (silvestris group)

– Steppe wildcats (ornata-caudata group): distinguish from the forest wildcats by being smaller, having longer and more sharply-pointed tails, and having comparatively lighter fur colour; includes the subspecies ornata, nesterovi and iraki.

– Bush wildcats (ornata-lybica group): distinguish from the steppe wildcats by having generally paler colouration, well-developed spot patterns and bands; includes the formerly recognize subspecies chutuchta, lybica, ocreata, rubida, cafra, griselda, and mellandi. The domestic cat is thought to have derive from this group.

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