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Steampunk is a style of fiction having to do with a semi-fictional world where old machinery from the Victorian 19th century is still being used. Technologies that were new or important to the Victorians, such as steam power, clockwork or electricity, are big themes in steampunk.

Steampunk Wallpapers
Steampunk Wallpapers, Source: https://wall.alphacoders.com

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Important influences on steampunk are the Victorian “scientific romances”, the first science fiction novels. Authors like Jules Verne and H.G. Wells are still very popular. Modern novels often cross-over with Goth and vampire themes. Sometimes this aspect is expanded to include cultural ideas of the 19th and early 20th centuries, such as small items like clothing and accessories, or large objects such as locomotives (trains) or machines that haven’t even been invented yet, like airplanes.

5 Elements of Steampunk

– (Era) The Retro Element

It’s not a hard or fast rule, but the whole point of steampunk is that the story is set in the steam age. We’re talking post-industrial revolution, pre-combustion engine. In other words, the technology of the day is steam. So instead of futuristic science fiction, steampunk is retro, or latter-day based. The writer looks back to a possible past rather than forward to a possible future.

Also, it depends on the individual how finikity they want to be about the term ‘retro’ because there are some good retro sci-fi novels set in the 60s, and some set in Roman times, or at any point between. The place is less important than time and, though many people think of steampunk as something set in Victorian England, it can also be set in the Wild West, Australia, China.

Steampunk Backgrounds
Steampunk Backgrounds, Source: https://wall.alphacoders.com

– (Power) The Fuel Element

Generally, steampunk is pre-electric, so lighting should come from natural oils like tallow, or the more typical (of the era) carbide, which is more commonly known as lime or arc-light. Along with the absence of gasoline, this leaves a hole in the ‘how things work’ business, which allows a writer full scope to imagine up some arcane or invented technology to power their world with.

– (Technology) The Contraption Element

All good steampunk needs contraptions – anachronistic inventions and innovations which would be easily recognizable in today’s world, but which wouldn’t have been possible then. Even something simple like a fax machine or elevator could appear – powered by steam (or an alternative technology) and constructed with appropriate materials.

– (Materials) The Wood and Copper Element

Also, steampunk has no plastic or fossil-based products. The materials within this alternative, retro world are all natural and lavishly decorated. So polished wood, brass filigree, leather, and stained glass should be there in abundance. Wild West, or Victorian England, appearance is a key element, harking back to the days of Jules Verne and H. G. Wells. There should be tubes of bubbling liquids, bell jars and massive wheels that have to be spun, with steam billowing and arcs of profound energy flashing overhead, naturally.

– (Atmosphere) The Romance Element

Perhaps, above all, the power of steampunk lies behind the nostalgic view it provides of a simpler time. The importance of etiquette and manners. The man tipping his hat, the lady curtseying. It appeals to us, in our world of shifting boundaries and limitless freedoms, as something solid, simple and uncomplicated. It returns us to old-fashioned values, often decried but nevertheless romantic. 

Steampunk Images

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Extension Features

Local time and weather option
Steampunk HD Wallpapers extension shows you the exact time and location wherever you are.

Bookmark your favorite website and quickly access recently seen and saved websites.

Steampunk Pics

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Pick your favs
Click the heart button and choose which wallpapers and backgrounds you will see while browsing. If you like them all or decide to shuffle them again, just click on the ‘Reset Picks’ button. Actually, it is pretty simple: shuffle with our randomizer, or select your favorite wallpapers from many available within our extension. We will make sure to frequently update the extension with fresh new wallpapers and if you have suggestions, leave us a comment in the comment section.

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This is our favorite we have to say. There are many, many games, which you can play while you are browsing, for free of course!

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Steampunk Themes
Steampunk Themes, Source: https://wall.alphacoders.com

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