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HD Adventure Time Finn and Jake Wallpapers and Themes

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Here are some facts that even hardcore Adventure Time fans might not know:

The episode “Business Time” changed everything

In a Meeting with USA Today, Ward Clarified that Ooo was Initially Only meant to be a Magic place, However, the Season 1 episode”Business Time” took things to a whole new Degree

Considering everything in the series, by the title sequence to storylines, essentially plays the post-apocalyptic vibe, the incident reflects a critical turning point in the series.

We did an episode about businessmen rising up from an iceberg at the bottom of a lake (“Business Time”), and that made the world post-apocalyptic, and we just ran with it.

You can hear keyboard typing in the theme song

The lyrics to the theme song would be the exact ones used in the first pilot, but Ward rerecorded another version of the theme with a ukulele instead of a guitar to send to Cartoon Network together with the names for approval. This recording was just supposed to be temporary, but the series creator explained to Art of the Title that that didn’t happen:

If you listen carefully to the recording, you can actually hear Derek Drymon [former executive producer] typing on a keyboard in the bit when Jake is walking … a little clickity clack in that wide shot when his legs are stretched out … Later, we tried re-recording it and I didn’t like it … I only liked the temp one!

The title sequence reveals a lot

By Princess Bubblegum’s amulet hanging around the tree into atomic bombs scattered round, the opening of”Adventure Time” shows a lot about the series.

Fan theories indicate that things in the title sequence, and during the series, indicate the Great Mushroom War started in the’80s and the severed arm that appears in the opening scene really belongs to Shoko, one of Finn’s previous lives who lost her arm after her parents allegedly sold it to get a computer.

Jeremy Shada replaced his brother as the voice of Finn

Ever since Season 1, the role of Finn Was voiced by Jeremy Shada, however, as Comic Book Resources reports, Shada says he was Not the first choice for the role:

My brother Zack … did the original pilot and played Finn in the pilot, so when it rolled around to Cartoon Network about three years later my voice sounded just like his had, and I kind of copied it a little bit too.

He proceeded to state there’s not any animosity between him and his brother, however, the older Shada occasionally jokes that he should have become the character.


HD Adventure Time Finn and Jake Wallpapers and Themes

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HD Adventure Time Finn and Jake Wallpapers and Themes[adrotate banner=”7″]

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HD Adventure Time Finn and Jake Wallpapers and Themes

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HD Adventure Time Finn and Jake Wallpapers and Themes

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