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Amazing All Seasons Wallpapers

Fun Facts about Seasons 

–  June 21 marks the day when the Earth is turned the most toward the Sun, which is known as Summer Solstice. It is the longest, sunniest day of the year. Also, December 21 is the day when the Earth is turned the farthest from the Sun. This is known as Winter Solstice. It is the shortest, darkest day of the year.
– In places like Arizona and Texas, the seasons don’t change much. Some plants stay green all year round and it doesn’t usually snow. These places have a wet, rainy season during the summer, known as monsoon season.
– Plants and trees lose their leaves in response to the shortening days and cooler temperatures of fall.
– Trees and plants open new leaf and flower buds as the weather warms in spring.

‘The axis of the Earth is at a tilt of 23.5 degrees. It is this tilt that causes the seasons. The Earth orbits the sun while spinning on its own axis. The tilt causes different amounts of the suns energy to reach the Earth at different times during the year.
When the suns energy (light) is directly hitting the Northern Hemisphere it is summer here. The rest of the light hits the southern hemisphere at an angle which causes it to be dispersed further. Hence it is weaker when it hits the southern hemisphere and it is winter in the southern hemisphere. The opposite happens during our winter. The seasons are always the opposite in the northern and southern hemispheres.’ – from the article from Science News.

Some more fun facts:

Did you know that in St. Petersburg, Russia the sky stays bright from mid-June to Mid July and this phenomenon is called ‘White Nights’?
In Alaska, they play a game of baseball and it starts at 10.30 pm on the Summer Solstice and it sometimes lasts until 2 am.
The Arctic Circle only has two seasons: summer and winter. Moreover, the sun only rises and sets once every year here!


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We have added cool features to this All Seasons Wallpaper HD Chrome New Tab extension which will enrich your browsing experience and fill your day even more!

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Local time option
All seasons Wallpaper HD Chrome New Tab provides you with a local time option wherever you are.
Local weather option
All seasons Wallpaper HD Chrome New Tab is accurate, so your weather will match with your current destination.
We present you the option to bookmark your favorite websites, stores or whatever with the bookmark option provided by All Seasons Wallpaper HD Chrome New Tab extension. You can also quickly access to recently seen websites with one click.


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Pick your favs
By clicking at the heart button, you can choose which wallpapers and backgrounds you can use while browsing. You also have the option to reset everything to default. So, pretty simple: shuffle with our randomizer, or select your favorite wallpapers from many available within our extension. We will make sure to update the wallpapers and backgrounds frequently, and you will get fresh new images every time you start your browser! Check out our video for more info.

We provide newsfeed for all the topics related to the theme you have installed. By clicking on the arrow, you can show or hide the feed. Pretty cool right?
Quotes and Facts
Be inspired every day, because All Seasons Wallpaper HD Chrome New Tab extension provides inspiring quotes and amazing facts every time you open a new tab.
Google, Yahoo or Bing
Choose between Yahoo!, Bing and Google search results, and see which are better for you.
All Seasons Wallpaper HD Chrome New Tab extension has many, many games you can play for free while you are browsing.



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This All Seasons extension is pretty simple to install and you can always install it again, don’t worry.


1. First, you can click on the icon given in the upper right-hand side of your Chrome browser. 
2. The second move is to go to the “settings” option and when the menu appears, click on “extensions” option. 
3. In the given list of extensions, find the extension that you want to uninstall. 
4. When you find the extension and in the same way you want to eliminate, click on the trash can icon to the right of “enable”. 
5. As a result, your extension (in this case, All Seasons Wallpaper HD Chrome New Tab) is removed from your list in Chrome browser.


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