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Mila Kunis is American actress of the Ukrainian origin. She was born on August 14, 1983, in Chernivtsi. Mila Kunis’s fascinating abilities were noticed. In 1998, she got accepted to the series “That ’70s Show,” although she was only 14 at that time.

The future star did not say anything about her age. When the truth was discovered, Mila had already played in several episodes. Besides, Mila was accepted despite the fact that her English was pretty bad. The actress had some classes with a teacher between the series scenes.

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Here are some facts you probably didn’t know about Mila:

  • No, your eyes aren’t playing any tricks on you! Kunis has one brown eye and one hazel green eye, a condition that is known medically as heterochromia.
  • Kunis’ parents moved the family to Los Angeles from Ukraine when she was just seven years old. Her parents just said they were moving “up the street.” They were only allowed to take $250 with them to the US, but her parents saw no future for Kunis and her brother in the USSR, so they decided to uproot the family.
  • New to America, Kunis struggled to settle down during the first year. She cried every day and couldn’t understand the people or the culture. She credits The Price is Right with teaching her to speak English.
  • Chuck Norris taught Kunis how to throw a punch when she was filming an episode of Walker, Texas Ranger, and she learned how to shoot a gun while filming Max Payne. She also learned how to surf while filming Forgetting Sarah Marshall in Hawaii.
  • Kunis exaggerated her age when auditioning for That ’70s Show. The actors had to be 18, and though she was only 14 at the time, she told show producers that she would be 18 on her birthday. She just didn’t specify which birthday! Sneaky!
  • Kunis’ mom would pick her up after she finished filming That ’70s Show, and they’d go work together at Rite Aid. Also, during the time the third season was airing, Kunis helped out a friend by working at Natural Wonders for one day when an employee called in sick. And yes, she got recognized!


Mila Kunis 4K Wallpapers New Tab

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