With almost every update made to Fortnite this season, new cosmetics have been found in the files by data-miners. Seeing as Epic update Fortnite every week, there are a lot of cosmetics that have been leaked. These cosmetics are still in the files and have not be removed, so it is likely we will see them soon.

The cosmetics awaiting release can be seen below:


Guan Yu (Epic)
Loyalty and bravery at all times

Guan Yu Leaked Fortnite Skin v6.1

Taro (Epic)
Protector of the wilds

Taro Fortnite Leaked Skin V6.30

Riot (Rare)
Defending the pre-post-punk-post-hardcore scene

Riot Fortnite Leaked Skin V6.30

Instinct (Rare)
Victory comes naturally

Instinct Fortnite Leaked Skin

Reflex (Rare)
Quick to react, first to retaliate

Reflex Fortnite Leaked Skin


Loyal Shield
Dependable as always

Loyal Shield Leaked Back Bling v6.1

Trusty Tusks (Epic)
Tufted and tusked

Trusty Tusks Fortnite Leaked Back Bling v6.30

Reaction Tank (Rare)

Reaction Tank Fortnite Leaked Back Bling


Response Unit (Rare)
Send a message

Response Unit Leaked Fortnite Back Bling



Divine Dragon
Sail through the clouds, and row toward victory

Divine Dragon Leaked Fortnite Glider v6.1

Flying Carp (Rare)
Dive into the sky

Flying Carp Leaked Fortnite Gliders v6.30

Pivot (Rare)
Primed to pivot with precision

Pivot Leaked Fortnite Glider

Hyper (Uncommon)
What’s up must come down

Hyper Fortnite Leaked Glider v6.30HARVESTING TOOLS / PICKAXES

Guandao (Rare)
Sharpened for battle
Guandao Leaked Fortnite Pickaxe

Longhorn (Rare)
Corral the competition

Longhorn Fortnite Leaked pickaxe

Angular Axe (Uncommon)
Acutely obtuse

Angular Axe Fortnite Leaked Pickaxe

Gatekeeper (Uncommon)
On the threshold of victory

Gatekeeper Leaked Fortnite Pickaxe v6.30

All of these cosmetics have been previously leaked, but have not made it to the Item Shop yet. The prices will vary for each cosmetic depending on the rarity of the item. Remember, Epic can choose to remove these items from the files, as we have seen in the past with the Onesie Skin and so nothing is confirmed to be coming to the shop.

Onesie Leaked Fortnite Skin v6.1