The Fortnite Item Shop is updated daily and there are two different sections in the shop, featured items and daily items. In the past, cosmetics have only been available individually. It looks like Epic are starting to introduce Cosmetic Bundles, where players are able to purchase the set in which the Skin belongs in at a cheaper price than if they were purchasing the cosmetics individually.

The first Cosmetic Bundle was released and can be seen below:

Wukong Cosmetic Bundle Set

The Wukong Bundle has the following cosmetics available:

  • Wukong (Legendary) – Outfit
  • Royale Flags (Legendary) – Back Bling
  • Royale Dragon (Legendary) – Glider
  • Dragon Axe (Rare) – Harvesting Tool

If you have already purchased a few of the items, but not the whole set, it will reduce the price to account for the discount. You will save on 15% of the total price of the items.

What’s interesting about this bundle is that Epic have decided to not use the Jingu Bang Harvesting Tool in the bundle, but rather the Dragon Axe Harvesting Tool. The Dragon Axe is therefore cheaper that the Jingu Bang Harvesting Tool and is featured in the Wukong Bundle instead of the Jingu Bang.


There are more bundles yet to come and these can be seen below:

Rex Bundle

Either way, you are still saving money from purchasing the bundle as opposed to purchasing the cosmetics separately.