Following the original  cut and the home-release Super Duper [email protected]%!#& Cut, a third version of Deadpool 2 is coming to the UK cinemas – Once Upon A Deadpool. The new version of David Leitch’s f-bomb-dropping, book action-comedy is pitched as a more family-friendly cut, removing the harshest language and adding fresh scenes involving The Princess Bride star Fred Savage. But while Once Upon A Deadpool is intended as a PG-13 version, the film has once again been given a 15 rating in the UK.

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Once Upon A Deadpool was submitted to the BBFC, running at 117 minutes and 33 seconds, and has ended up with a 15 for ‘strong violence, crude humour’. The BBFC Insight report, breaking down the reasons for the film’s rating, hasn’t been released.


While some younger UK-based filmgoers might be disappointed, it perhaps proves a point – that the Merc with a Mouth simply doesn’t work in 12A form, unless you make like X-Men Origins: Wolverine and quite literally remove his ability to speak.

Slikovni rezultat za Once Upon A Deadpool



For film fans aged 15 and up, Once Upon A Deadpool will arrive in UK cinemas on 11 December for a one-night-only engagement.