Walker of catwalks, wife of Justin Bieber: it’s a pretty impressive CV for a 21-year-old. Since breaking out in 2014, she’s become one of the most in demand faces on the modelling scene.

Baldwin is a proper beauty. Like, old school supermodel levels. It’s no surprise then that her favourite make-up look is none at all. ‘Most of the time I don’t wear any’ she says, ‘I get it done professionally so often that if I don’t have to be wearing it, I don’t want to be wearing it’.

If she does wear any? ‘Just a little concealer, maybe a little cheek and mascara, which takes five minutes or less’. The finished look is natural and low-key, but Hailey likes to experiment when it comes to red-carpet looks.

She talked through her all-time favourites.


Brit Awards, 2018

Hailey Baldwin make-up

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‘I decided kind of last minute on this look, but knew I wanted everything to be really minimal on the skin and face.’


Met Gala, 2018


Heavenly Bodies: Fashion & The Catholic Imagination Costume Institute Gala

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‘My make-up artist Denika Bedrossian (@dendoll) is someone I’ve been working with for years. We’ve become really close and she’s seen me through many different phases of my life.

‘The hair was a big statement for the Met. Everything was very ethereal and glowy.’


AMFAR Gala, 2017

Hailey Baldwin Beauty Looks

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‘Morgane Martini (@morgane_martini) did this make-up, I love her. It’s one of my favourite red carpet make-up looks I’ve ever done. The whole look – with the earrings, the long hair – was very Sixties.’


‘Drop The Mic’ Premiere, 2017


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‘Denika did this one too. She pulls the highlight up from the cheekbones around the brow bone, making everything look creamy.’